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Climate change continues to be a growing issue around the globe, and celebrities are taking initiative. With more resources at their disposal than the typical Californian, some Hollywood celebrities against climate change have made clear their position on the issue—and their intention to help.

Whether they encourage others to join the fight, educate them on alternative energy solutions or assist researchers, these commendable icons deserve a tribute. Keep reading as we celebrate the incredible global warming efforts of 10 of the most climate-conscious stars!

Emma Thompson

When it comes to the dangers of climate change, the Nanny McPhee and Love Actually star gets it. In a recent interview with Reuters, she discusses her views on climate change, warning: “I think that we’ve all got to shout as loudly as we can.” Emma goes on to say, “Ordinary people now need to know more. They need to inform themselves. You can’t just sit back and go ‘look, I recycle’.”

She makes a good point. Not only has Emma been vocal about her feelings on global warming, but she has also been a Greenpeace member for decades. In 2014, she even traveled to Svalbard, an Arctic site suffering rapid ice melt, where she met with scientists to discuss a brighter and cleaner future.

Jane Fonda

Whether you remember her from her performances as an actress or as an exercise instructor, Jane Fonda may not be a star you expect on a list of celebrities against climate change. She is certainly well known for her political activism, but her position on global warming is just as passionate.

In 2016, Jane participated in the Toronto “March for Jobs, Justice and Climate.” The movement hoped to educate businesses and politicians on climate change dangers. She also joined Greenpeace earlier this year at an oil protest fighting against the development of pipelines on native land.

Brad Pitt

If you are a fan of Brad Pitt, you might have seen his short guest appearance on the recent “Jim Jefferies Show” debut. Taking on the role of a concerned weatherman, he offered a grim outlook on the weather. When asked about a future forecast, Weatherman Pitt grimly responded: “There is no future.”

Although morbid, his forecast could be accurate if alternative energy solutions are not taken seriously. Brad has done (and continues to do) his part by establishing the Make It Right foundation in 2007. The foundation builds environmentally-friendly homes for Hurricane Katrina victims in New Orleans.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

And then there is Arnold. This popular former California governor and Hollywood actor has taken a slightly more aggressive approach to climate change. In 2015, he drew attention with his response to climate change skeptics on Facebook. His opinion? “I don’t give a damn if you believe in climate change.” He continued to explain choosing alternative energy does not equal agreeing with climate change, and that both sides of the argument can come together to support a better energy solution. Today, Arnold continues to take steps towards reducing harmful emissions and promoting clean energy.

**Akon **

Did you know successful singer and Hollywood star Akon is one of the loud celebrity voices against climate change? On November 14th, 2016, this brave climate warrior addressed the UN World Climate Change Conference on the grave importance of improving global warming efforts.

But perhaps most prolific of all is the Akon Lighting Africa Foundation. Launched in 2014, the foundation hopes to provide electricity to millions of African villagers through solar energy—all by 2020. So far, Akon and his inspirational foundation have made excellent progress.

**Jared Leto


Jared Leto might play a compelling supervillain in Suicide Squad, but in reality, he is quite the opposite. His efforts against global warming include acts benefiting The Nature Conservancy and Habitat for Humanity. Plus, he is currently the global ambassador for the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), which shows impressive dedication towards fighting climate change.

Mark Ruffalo

Speaking of dedication, our next celebrity fighting climate change is Mark Ruffalo, who joined other celebrities and scientists to create the 2017 climate change documentary In This Climate. That is the second climate change documentary he has participated in, preceded by _Dear President Obama: The Clean Energy Revolution Is Now. _

Mark is also a founder of The Solutions Project, an organization aiming to move the U.S. towards sustainable energy. We think it is safe to say he considers climate change to be a serious issue.

Robert Redford

Robert Redford openly supports a variety of climate-related causes, including environmentalism and Native American rights. As a trustee of the Natural Resources Defense Council and Pitzer College, he secured the college’s place as the first institution of higher education to commit to divesting fossil fuel stocks from its endowment; a huge commitment. In his own words: “It’s not about protecting the climate. It’s about protecting life.”

Gisele Bundchen

Gisele was gifted with brains and beauty, using her exposure to make a difference in climate change. In 2011, she won the “Best Green International Celebrity Award”. As a family contribution to the cause, Gisele launched the Clean Water Project, which assists conservation efforts in the Amazon.

Thanks to her charity and concern for the environment, in 2009 she was designated as a Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations Environment Program. Her continued support makes her a wonderful role model for environmentally-conscious celebrities.

**Leonardo DiCaprio **

Leonardo DiCaprio; a name that tops many lists, but today we recognize his leading role in fighting climate change. In 1998, after his successful role in Titanic, he established the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation—at a mere 24 years old. The organization’s goal is to promote environmental awareness whenever and wherever it can.

This Hollywood hero has sat on the board of various environmental organizations, including WWF, International Fund for Animal Welfare, Global Green USA and Natural Resources Defense Council. These are only a few names in a long list of climate change progress made.

Just to highlight Leonardo’s outstanding and continuous dedication to fighting climate change, he was caught this April attending the 2017 People’s Climate March. He has even met with President Donald Trump specifically to encourage environmental protection. And we suspect the Oscar winner (finally!) will continue to lead celebrity global warming efforts for years to come.

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