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Tennessee Valley Authority looks to major solar increase

Sighting cost advantages, the nation's largest utility is predicting an additional 4 – 9 GW of solar capacity by 2040.

Energy choice 101

What does a regulated energy market mean for consumers, pricing, and choosing clean power?

Clean energy state spotlight: Rhode Island

Take a look at the state of clean energy in Rhode Island — present and future.

The future of solar

The past decade has seen a rapid expansion of our solar industry. But, with costs going down and efficiency on the rise, a solar future looks even more certain.

We're bringing community solar to Rhode Island

We're excited to announce one of the first ever community solar projects in The Ocean State. Coming soon to Goat Island.

What is the Green New Deal?

What does the Green New Deal propose, and how will it affect our economy and clean energy industry?

Clean Energy State Spotlight: New York

Take a look at the clean energy industry in New York, including how much they have, where it comes from, and what to expect next.

Demystifying deregulated energy markets

It can be a complicated industry to understand, and it varies from state to state. We're here to help make it clear, so you can benefit.

How Tyler increased his impact 33x and earned $1000

Between lab hours and finishing his PhD, Tyler has found many ways to pay it forward with his sustainable actions.

The future of wind energy

Wind energy has become our biggest source of renewable power. What does the industry look like and where is it going next?

The smart home available today

We've been hearing about smart-homes for decades. Are they finally here?

Where does all our energy really go?

Nearly everything we see in the modern world needs energy, but most of it may not be used where you think it is.

A year in review: 6 of our favorite renewable energy stories

A collection of some of the biggest renewable energy headlines and milestones from the past year, each helping us fight climate change

How our air changes from summer to winter—and what you might not know

Besides hot getting cold, then hot again, our air goes through major changes from season to season.

Five cool clean energy gifts for the holidays

Still looking for a few cool gifts to give? We've got you covered with five sustainable gift ideas to delight, and make a more positive impact.

Everything you need to know about wind energy for your home

Renewable energy certificates (REC) allow you to purchase and own the clean power directly from wind projects around the country.

Global carbon emissions reach record high, what you can do

Global carbon emissions appear on track for a big growth in 2018, reversing a trend from the past two years. Check out how you can fight back.

6 tips to keep your home warm and winter energy bills down

It's winter and it's cold. These six tips can help you keep warm without compromising your savings on higher energy bills.

156 major brands going 100% renewable

Check out which major brands are going 100% renewable and when.

Four ways to act against climate change on Giving Tuesday

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are over. Consider these climate focused non-profits for Giving Tuesday.

10 ways you can make an individual contribution to cut carbon emissions

Investing in renewable energy and efficiency—individual action can seem ineffective. But, it's not!

Record wind energy produced in Texas

ERCOT says 17,920 megawatts were produced on Monday at 3:32 p.m.

Choosing sustainable transportation

Bike, ride, run, walk, and much, much more.

Easy steps anyone can take to make sustainable food choices

Sustainable food choices can make a big impact on more than just our health. Check out these ways your eating habits can have a more positive affect on our land, air, and water.

3 Election Wins for Renewable Energy

With the midterm elections over, support for a clean energy future appears to be marching forward despite mixed results.

Four unexpected ways you can use solar power

Beyond lighting up our homes and cities, solar power can help us live more sustainably in many other ways. Learn more!

Five ways to save money and energy with hybrid cars

Hybrid cars save drivers money with their battery-powered electric motors, fewer repairs, high-resale value, and incentives and tax breaks after the initial purchase.

What is a smart home?

Smart homes can provide modern convenience, security, and savings through technology. Learn about how you can save now!

Do storm windows save energy?

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Looking to keep the temperature of your home maintained while saving money? Upgrade your windows to energy efficient storm windows to keep the air sealed in your home better. Learn about how storm windows work and how much you could save by installing them now.

We’ve teamed up with Amazon to make upgrading your home efficiency easy and affordable

Starting today Arcadia Power members in select cities have access to a brand new smart home subscription program straight from their dashboard. In collaboration with Amazon Smart Home Services, our new Home Efficiency Bundles come complete with Amazon Echo Dots, LEDs, smart plugs and more all at $0 upfront cost.

Making a smart home on a budget

Having trouble keeping up with all of the latest gadgets? Fortunately, there are low cost ways to make your home a smart home. And bonus, most practical smart home products are affordable and easy to configure, eliminating the cost of a pricey install. Learn how to make your home a smart home without breaking the bank!

Arcadia Power and Audi partner so EV drivers can support renewable energy

We’re thrilled to announce a new partnership with Audi of America, Inc. today that allows owners of Audi’s first all-electric vehicle, the e-tron®, to support renewable energy production, and help offset at-home charging and other electricity consumption.

We're Now Two Steps Closer to Building You The Utility of the Future

Today is a big day for everyone at Arcadia Power. We’ve closed a $25 million investment round and are building 120 Megawatts of new community solar projects for our members.

4 common situations that increase your energy bill

Energy Tips
Even if you closely monitor your energy usage, you may experience a spike in your power bill for no apparent reason. Learn about four common real-life situations that can increase your energy bill to avoid paying more at the end of the month.

How wind turbines work to produce electricity

Wind power is growing quickly as one of the most sustainable forms of renewable energy, bringing power to our to our homes, apartments, and businesses.

The top 7 questions you’ve asked Google about renewable energy

Energy can be confusing, but with the right resources, we can all make better choices when it comes to our power. We've gathered the top questions you have been asking Google about renewable energy - and we have the answers.

6 energy hacks for renters

Energy Tips
Have a landlord? Don’t pay your own utility bills? There are still steps you can take to be energy-smart. Learn simple everyday hacks that you can use to reduce both your carbon footprint and your expenses.

We’ve added 800 new ways for you to tap into solar power  - from anywhere

Since first launching our nationwide Community Solar program in 2016, Arcadia Power users have helped produced 280 MWh of solar power across the country, and have saved almost $80,000 on their electric bills. Any Arcadia Power member, no matter where they live, can sign up to support solar power and receive solar savings.

The “other” sources of renewable energy

There are many sources of renewable energy out there, such as water, wind, sun, biological material and the planet’s natural internal heat. We are here to dive into the pros and cons of each source.

Why a heat wave costs more than you might think

Severe weather patterns such as heatwaves have been, and continue to be, linked to changes in our global climate. Climate change has brought with it an increase in the frequency and intensity of heat waves. These heat waves lead to higher electricity demand and cost to you.

A definitive guide to your Arcadia Power dashboard

Tech Tips
Want to get to know your clean energy dashboard better? We are here to help!

Bike to work? Check out your carbon footprint

Happy National Bike-to-Work Day! Have you ever thought about biking to work? The good news is you can divert tons of CO2 by changing your commute routine while also improving your health. Learn about the benefits of biking to work now.

Understanding your Clean Energy Statement

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Like many other bills, power bills can be confusing, but we are here to help you understand what it all means. We help you break down the parts of your Clean Energy Statement from Arcadia Power.

LED vs. regular lightbulbs: Do they really make a difference?

Energy Tips
The difference between LED and incandescent lightbulbs is huge. LEDs can save you cash every year while providing more light than traditional bulbs. Great, right? Learn more about the differences between these two lightbulb options.

How tech giants support clean energy, just like you

Energy Tech
Tech giants have been supporting renewable energy in significant ways over these last few decades. The good news is, you can support renewable energy just like the big guys. Learn more about the renewable energy targets large companies have been declaring over the past few years and how you can follow suit.

Community solar: How it works

Energy Tech Tips
Community solar is a way to tap into solar energy and savings without having anything on your roof. In some states, we are working with developers to build entirely new Community Solar projects for our members, at no cost to you. Learn more about those opportunities!

Changes to Arcadia Power’s Green-e Certification

How we source and track the Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) for our Wind Energy program has not changed. Arcadia Power is no longer Green-e certified, but our members are still supporting the same Wind Energy and have collectively supported the generation of over 465 GWh to date. We will announce our new certification process soon!

A day in the life of a modern, clean energy apartment

Energy Tech Tips
Chloe is a Clean-Energy queen who has an incredible clean energy apartment. Take a look into what life is like when you live 100% sustainably, green, and clean!

What kind of solar power is right for you?

Energy Tips
Have you ever looked into every solar power option available to you? Most likely, you are one of the 92% of Americans who do not have the ability to put panels on their roof. Learn about the other options available and decide which one is best for you!

How to get tax credits for saving on energy

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Want to save some cash next tax season? The government will provide tax credits for homeowners who make energy-smart decisions during home renovations and repairs. Depending on your other deductions, these tax credits can help reduce the federal taxes you have to pay.

Competitive energy markets: What went wrong in Mass., and why we’re taking a stand

We're taking a stand by helping our members get fair electricity rates. Large companies like Amazon and Google have had personal energy “brokers” working to find them excellent rates in the electricity market for years, and we wanted to do the same for the everyday homeowner and renter. Learn more about how it works.

Vampire power sources: The likely culprit of your high power bill

Energy Tips
Vampire power sources, also known as phantom load or standby power, refer to appliances and electronic devices that consume energy even when turned off or not in use. These sources are most likely what is causing your power bill to increase. The good news is, they are just as easy to get rid of as they are to create.

Our clean energy community is now 100,000 strong – thank you!

We have officially reached 100,000 members - all thanks to you! And the more members we have, the better aggregate buying power our community has.

Live in DC? We’ve got some big community solar news for you

D.C. homeowners and renters will have the opportunity to sign up for a community solar project in their very own local community at no cost. If you are a renter or homeowner in The District interested in signing up for a local community solar project, join our wait list today.

Calculating your kilowatt hour usage at home

Energy Tips
Did your electricity bill skyrocket this winter? Are you looking for ways to reduce your costs, or reduce your impact on the environment?Understand how to calculate how much energy, or kilowatt-hours, you are using each month. This can help you save money and be more sustainable!

Survey: How Well Does Your Generation Understand Their Energy Choices?

Energy HQ
Understanding your energy choices can help reduce your impact on their environment. Take a closer look at our survey results and compare your options!

What is a kilowatt-hour? The watts used to power your house, explained

Energy Tips
Kilowatt-hours are extremely complex but have so much to do with how energy gets to your home. We are here to explain how the complex calculations and formulas end with getting the energy to your house.

How to Use Solar Power to Save Money: From Tax Credits to Community Solar

Energy Tips
Tapping into solar power savings doesn't need to be difficult. Learn how you can use solar tax credits, panel installations, and community solar no matter where you live.

Understanding the Electrical Grid: From Power Sources to Distribution Centers

Learn how the electrical grid works. Understanding how power sources, transmission lines and distribution centers ensure you have continuous power coming to your home!

Four Surprising Ways Millennials Are Influencing The Clean Energy Movement

Did you know millennials are some of the largest supporters of sustainability? Learn how they are influencing the clean energy movement!

Your New Arcadia Power Dashboard Experience

We’ve now made accessing clean energy and savings an even easier experience.

Why The NFL's Energy Plan for Super Bowl LII is a Game Changer

Excited for Super Bowl LII? So are we - especially because this one is a game changer for renewable energy.

You can now use your power bill to get points at no cost

If you’ve ever tried to pay for your electricity bill using a credit card, you probably noticed that most major utilities in the U.

Mapping Urban Efficiency: How Do You, And Your City, Stack-Up?

See how various US cities rank in their carbon footprint for energy consumption. Decreasing your carbon footprint requires more than recycling, eating local or biking. Our electricity consumption can leave a huge carbon footprint.

Our Take on the Solar Tariff

President Trump imposed a tariff on solar panels. Here's our take on it.

Why, And How, We’re Saving You Money with Clean Energy

Did you know that the Fortune 500, on average, pay almost 25 percent less for power than you do at your home, and are often the largest purchasers of renewable energy? If Amazon and Google were enjoying low, fixed-priced power from renewables, then why can’t we get the same in our homes?Arcadia Power was built with the mission to make renewable energy universally accessible.

2017 Impact Report: What We Accomplished, Together

How did you make an impact this year? Our community of members helped us change a century-old industry last year, and we thank you all.

Clean Energy Prices are Dropping at Alarming Rates

A new report issued in Colorado this week have proven that renewables costs are not only falling, they are falling faster than anyone predicted.

A Private Island, Just for Wind Energy

The North Sea may soon become a hub for offshore wind.

How to Save Money on Your Power Bills This Winter

You can save money and the environment this winter by taking kWh usage and dollars off of your power bill. Read on to see how!

Three Ways to Keep Your Apartment Warm This Weekend, While Supporting Clean Energy

The cold weather is putting snow on the ground and a hole in your pocket. Here are a few ways to save some money this week with the help of clean energy.

How Fossil Fuels Impact Your Health

Fossil fuels have much more of an impact on your health than you could imagine. Here is exactly how air pollution is affecting you, from head to toe.

Arcadia Power Introduces Price Alerts, Finding You The Best Price for Clean Energy

Arcadia Power is introducing Price Alerts, where we find you the best price for clean energy. Sign up and save today!

What Is a Deregulated Energy Market?

Are you a resident of a clean energy state? Learn how that helps you save money on your power bill.

Learning From China’s “Climate Awakening”

China has begun its very own climate revolution after waking up to the reality of climate change. They are inspiring thousands of others to do the same.

Easy Sustainability You Can Practice at Home

Here is the best way to make sure you are sustainable at home. Not only is sustainability key, but it can save you cash on your next utility bill.

New Survey Finds Everyone Supports Clean Energy, Regardless of Political Views

Most everyone supports clean energy no matter their political views, according to this recent study. This is a major fear for the renewable future.

The Ultimate Guide To Lowering Your Electric Bill

You can lower your electricity bill dozens of ways. Whether you live in an apartment or home, you can save money on your energy today.

Killing the Clean Power Plan Has Not Stopped Renewables

President Trump is trying to undo all carbon-cutting policy. But that has not stopped corporations from producing renewables.

Massachusetts is Moving into the World of Energy Storage

Massachusetts is moving directly into the future with energy storage. They are currently in the top three states with the highest energy storage goal.

Amazon Drones Can Now Charge Your Car on the Move

Amazon is making drones that can charge your EV without you even stopping. They can connect to the outside and charge up the car. No need for range anxiety!

Elon Musk is Stepping in to Help Puerto Rico Recover with Solar Power

Elon Musk is using Tesla to help Puerto Rico recover from the disaster. He hopes that solar power and batteries can help get PR back on its feet.

Facebook is Building a Data Center in Virginia and Focusing on Renewables

Facebook is designing and building a 1 million square foot data center. All energy used in this center will be offset by solar projects placed all around VA

Drones are Helping Save Wildlife and the Environment

Drones are quickly taking over the world, in a good way. Scientists and researchers are finding ways to better use drone technology for good.

New York is Diving Headfirst into Offshore Wind

New York wants offshore wind, and it is off to a great start. These four projects will help them reach their 2030 sustainability goals.

While Puerto Rico is in a Blackout, One Farm is Kept Alive with Solar Power

Puerto Rico is about to completely blackout, but one farm has stayed lit through the entire disaster. Renewable energy has kept his 40 acre farm alive.

General Motors Just Announced that They Are Going Electric

General Motors is setting a huge trend in the automotive industry. GM is going all electric and not looking back. There's a bright future in electricity.

The Solar Industry is Helping Puerto Rico Recover

The solar industry is taking the hurricane recovery into their own hands. They are helping the people of Puerto Rico recover with solar energy.

The UK Generated 30% of its Power from Renewable Energy, Breaking a Record

The UK is setting a precedent with offshore wind energy and solar, and other countries are noticing. They just broke a renewable energy record this year.

How To Survive a Natural Disaster: Get Renewable Energy.

Renewable energy has the chance to save the world. Millions of people lost power after the hurricane, and renewables can help make a more reliable grid.

Massachusetts is Going 100% Renewable

The state of Massachusetts is going 100% renewable within the next two decades. It is a huge feat, but they are on track to making it happen.

Ikea Will Be Selling Solar Batteries in the UK

Battery storage for energy may seem impossible. But because the technology for solar batteries has been improving, Ikea can now commercialize it.

EasyJet is Planning to Fly Electric Planes Within the Decade

Airplanes pollute the most out of any transportation. EasyJet wants to fix this and make planes electric to reduce fuel within the decade.

Apple Will Be Making Products with 100% Recycled Materials

Apple, one of the largest tech giants in the world, will start making its materials with 100% recyclable material. It's moving the industry into the future.

Facebook Headquarters Goes 100% Renewable

Facebook is one of the top companies taking renewable energy into its own hands. Now, its headquarters will run completely on 100% wind energy.

A Caribbean Leader Fights for Climate Change at the U.N.

Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit fought in front of the U.N. to help stop climate change. His area in the Caribbean was horribly destroyed and needs help.

Oregon is Feeding Apple Inc, and the Future, Renewable Energy

Promoting renewable energy is an extremely important business decision. With a company as big as Apple Inc., Oregon has helped provide their energy needs.

Britain is Officially Shutting Down All Coal Plants

Britain is officially stopping all coal plants from producing and burning coal. This will help the entire EU reach the Paris Agreement's goal in no time.

U.S. Mayors Move Climate Change Policy to Congress

Climate change legislation is a long-term struggle with short-term effects. U.S. mayors are taking this problem into their own hands to make it a reality.

Corporations Continue their Unwavering Support of Renewable Energy

Corporations are one of renewable energy's largest supporters. Even with governmental opposition, corporations are continuing to support clean energy.

The Cost of Offshore Wind Will Decrease by 70% Over the Next 20 Years

Offshore wind used to be the most expensive renewable energy on the market. In less than 20 years it will become one of the cheapest options out there.

10 Ways to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

There are many ways to save money and the environment at the same time. Here are a few ways you can make your home more energy efficient.

How to Install Solar Panels

Solar panels are difficult to install without a professional. However, once they are installed, solar panels can provide over 100% of your energy needs.

When Solar Power Will Take Over

Solar power is taking the country by storm and not stopping. There are hundreds of ways that we will start to see solar being used.

How Solar Power Helps the Environment

Solar power is extremely beneficial to the environment. There are countless amounts of ways that it can help better our worldwide ecosystem.

How Solar Power Produces Energy

The way solar power generates energy from the sun is a complicated process. However, the energy it produces is extremely useful and renewable.

The Most Common Sizes of Wind Turbines

You have seen turbines spinning away online or in person. But what you don't know about wind turbines is the most common makeup of wind turbines.

The Pros and Cons of Dams

Dams are built into infrastructure in order to generate power from moving water. However, they are highly invasive and hard to maintain. Learn more here.

15 Key Facts and Statistics About Bottled Water

Bottled water is an extremely popular commodity, especially in America. However, they are not recycled properly and are polluting our world.

How to Buy an Eco-Friendly Carpet

Normal carpets release harmful toxins. An eco-friendly carpet could be the next best addition to your apartment or home.

2017 Eco-friendly Gift Guide

Eco-friendly gifts are cheaper, more creative, and less wasteful than regular gifts. Here is a guide to help you the next time you need a gift in a pinch.

Solar Kept Floridians' Homes Running in the Wake of the Storm

Florida has gone through a tragedy over the past few weeks. A hurricane disconnected millions from power - but solar was there to save the day.

Anheuser-Busch Purchased Enough Wind Power to Make 20 Million Beers a Year

Anheuser-Busch's beers go green! They are looking to expand their renewable repertoire, and they are starting off with a whopping 150 MWH investment.

Arizona Public Service Increases Funding for Customer Storage by 50%

APS wants to increase customer storage funding by 50%. This means they will have plenty of funds to focus on energy saving programs for their customers.

Renewable Energy Saved the U.S. $88 Billion in Health and Environmental Cost

The environmental costs of non-renewable energy is damaging to human health and our earth. The best way to make a healthier, wealthier earth is to go green.

Pruitt Calls Linking Hurricanes to Climate Change 'Insensitive’

Pruitt has denied that the recent massive hurricanes have anything to do with climate change. But there is not much time to deny this dangerous reality.

China Plans to Ban Sales of Fossil Fuel Cars in Less Than 20 Years

As one of the largest polluters in the world, China realizes that they need to make a change. Now, they are banning all fossil fuel vehicles by 2040.

15 Key Facts & Statistics About Hydropower

Hydropower is a widely contested form of alternative power. It can provide mass amounts of energy to the people, but end up disrupting nature.

The Pros and Cons of Electric Cars

Electric cars are growing in popularity. There are both pros and cons to this new trend. However, it is a step in the right direction for transportation.

A Fly's Eye Has Inspired Stanford Scientists to Improve Solar Panels

A regular solar panel is already durable enough. But scientists at Stanford are using a fly's eye to make them cheaper and more flexible.

Nanotechnology Takes Over Sustainability

Nanotechnology is not a new concept in the scientific field. It has been around for decades. But now, nanotechnology has become a part of sustainability.

15 Key Facts and Statistics About Climate Change

Climate change is a growing concern the more the years pass by. However, there is still no consensus on whether or not it truly matters.

15 Key Facts and Statistics About Electric Cars

Electric cars are not a recent invention. They have been around since the 1800s, and are making a huge comeback in this decade.

Kenya Has Launched the Harshest Plastic Bag Law in the World

Plastic bags clutter our oceans and ecosystems, and Kenya is taking a strict stand against them. They are making plastic bags completely illegal.

Wembley Stadium Gets Real About Climate Change

Wembley Stadium takes sustainability seriously, and they continue to improve their green performance every year. Other stadiums should take notes!

A Recent Study Shows that Minnesota is Leading the Way in Energy Storage

Renewable energy and battery storage are an inseparable pair, and Minnesota is working to keep them together. Energy storage is a new, but important, idea.

15 Key Facts and Statistics About Climate Change

Climate change is a widely polarizing topic to discuss. To some it is real and to others, it is not. Here is a list of 10 facts and stats on climate change.

15 Key Facts and Statistics About Electric Cars

Energy Tips
More people are choosing electric cars over traditional ones, and there are hundreds of reasons why. These are just 10 of the many stats and facts on EVs.

Amazon's Warehouse in New Jersey gets 30 Acres of Solar Panels

A massive Amazon warehouse just installed 30 acres of solar panels over its 1 million square foot building. They are expanding renewables into the new age.

Sustainable Fashion Future: Material Made from Orange Rinds

A design student in Milan discovered how to make yarn from orange rinds.

A Bacteria that Produces Solar Energy

Scientists have discovered a bacteria that produces solar energy more efficiently than commercial solar.

Hoboken is Getting a Green Makeover

A local institute in New Jersey is launching a green roof project in Hoboken, NJ to test the waters.

Britain's Postal Service Goes Electric After 120 Years

The Royal Mail Service, after 120 years of business run on fossil fuels, is transitioning their vans to electric, renewable energy.

The Top 10 Best National Parks in America

The National Park Service turns 101 today, so here is a list of the top 10 best national parks in America.

The Eclipse's Interesting Effect on Solar Power in D.C.

The eclipse triggered a very interesting reaction in solar production.

A Solar-Run Plane is Flying to Space in 2018

A plane that runs only on solar energy is taking on space.

Printer Ink Made from Coffee and Tea

Coffee and tea can now be used as sepia-toned printer ink.

A Teen Made Bio-plastic from Banana Peels

A 16-year-old discovered how to make bio-plastic from banana peels.

A Massive Pool That Will Clean up the Hudson River

The Hudson is set to be filtered by a plus-shaped pool.

A "SeaBin" that Cleans Up Ocean Pollution

Two Australian surfers made a device that cleans up pollution in seconds.

A Plane that Emits Only Water

Researchers have designed a plane that emits only water.

Scientists are Making Ocean Water Potable

We can now filter ocean water into clean drinking water.

Vertical Axis Turbines Will Take Cities by Storm

Vertical axis turbines may power our cities in the near future.

Farming Like Luke Skywalker: How to Take Water From the Air

We found a way to farm like Luke Skywalker, making science fiction a reality.

This is the Most Absorbent Solar Cell Ever.

Scientists have discovered the most absorbent solar cell of all time.

An Underwater Museum in the Atlantic is Promoting Biodiversity

There is an underwater museum that promotes biodiversity, and just plain fun.

This Pollution-Filtering Bike is the Bike of the Future

There will be pollution-filtering bikes on the streets of Beijing soon.

How Biofuel Is Made

There are several processes involved in making biofuel. It serves as a sustainable, renewable resources and can easily be distributed.

Causes and Effects of Water Scarcity and Droughts

Water scarcity is a growing problem across the world. There are a few, but very important, ways to help mitigate this problem.

10 Biggest Oil Spills in History

Dozens of oil spills have happened across the country. They damage almost everything in sight and are impossible to clean up.

Effects of Air Pollution on Humans

Air pollution is a horrible and increasingly present thing. Every action we take affects the environment, and the air we breathe is tainted because of it.

Causes & Effects of Ocean Pollution

Ocean pollution is happening world wide, and it is only getting worse. These are a few things you need to know.

The Economic and Environmental Benefits of Paying Your Bills Online

Paying your bills online can not only save you time, but it saves you both monetary and environmental resources. It is easy to pay your bills online!

How Does a Geothermal Power Plant Work?

A geothermal power plant works in a very complex way. There are many steps, and they are all catered to how the environment provides us heat.

15 Amazing Prefab Green Homes

Prefab, or prefabricated homes, are a much more sustainable and affordable option for homeowners. Building, rather than retrofitting, is the new trend.

15 Key Facts and Statistics About Acid Rain

Acid rain has a horrible effect on both the environment, as well as humanity itself. There are a few ways to stop it, and several to prevent it.

How to Improve the Air Quality of Your Home

The air that is outside of your home flows into your house through the vents. There are many ways to improve the air that lives in your home.

15 Key Facts About Ocean Pollution

Ocean pollution is growing at rapid rates. We are using more plastic than ever before, and it ends up in all of our water ways.

15 Key Facts & Statistics About Thermal Pollution

Thermal pollution is less widely discussed, but still extremely important. The heat going back into the earth can disturb its make-up and natural cycles.

15 Things You Can Make from Recycled Materials

Materials that can be recycled can also be made into many different things. The more use you get out of a one-use product, the better.

15 Key Facts & Statistics About Plastic Pollution

Plastic is one of the most used, as well as most dangerous, material in the world. It is easy and cheap to make, but it's hard to remove plastic pollution.

The Benefits of Biodiesel

Biodiesel has a number of benefits, given it is made of renewable resources. This diesel is taking over the energy market and continues to grow.

The Dutch Have the Solutions to Sea Level Rise

The Dutch are revolutionizing a new way to deal with the impending sea level rise.

15 Facts and Stats About Noise Pollution

Noise pollution is a major health risk but is not widely discussed. There are many ways to reduce noise pollution and its harmful effects.

Dutch airports will be powered solely by renewable energy starting in 2018.

Holland airports will run on 100% renewable energy by next year. The Dutch are climbing ahead of the curve when it comes to sustainability.

Arcadia Power is taking a stand: we oppose taxing solar panel imports

Taxing Solar Panel ImportsIt’s been widely reported in the solar trade press, but we feel the solar import tariff petition has received surprisingly little coverage by mainstream media, given the severe harm it could do to America’s solar energy industry.

Everyday Products Made from Recycled Materials

It is important to properly recycle, as there are thousands of products that you never knew are made from recycled materials.

Drones that Pollinate: The Bees of the Future

Drones are now designed to look like pollinators. With fur, glue, and wings, this tiny drone could potentially solve the pollinator extinction problem.

10 Key Facts and Statistics About Overpopulation

Overpopulation is a growing problem. There are too many people on the planet, so how will we deal with the repercussions of over reproduction?

10 Ways to Lower Electric Bills in Your Apartment

There are countless ways to save money on your apartment's electric bill. Without even expending too much energy or money, the savings can still add up.

The Many Benefits of Biodiesel

Biodiesel has many benefits. This fuel is a great replacement for traditional diesel fuel. With fewer emissions and more clean power, biofuel is on the rise

Plastic Products Made Only from A Root

Did you know that a bunch of roots could potentially solve our plastic pollution problem? What a tasty solution to such a massively spread issue.

16 Key Facts About Geothermal Power Plants

Geothermal power is a very controversial power source. However, there are some interesting ways you can harness energy can come from the earth's core.

How to Reduce Stormwater Runoff

Stormwater runoff takes thousands of pollutants with it. Unfortunately, the pollutants are already there, but managing the runoff is still possible.

Why You Should Use Natural Cleaning Products

Natural cleaning products are cheaper, safer, and work even better. Without the harmful effects of chemicals, you can use these products with ease.

How to Recycle Electronics

Waste from the disposal of electronics has been a growing problem for many years as the use of computers, and other electronics has increased.

10 Health Problems from Fossil Fuels

Fossil fuels create air pollution and, in turn, create a poor environment for living things. They affect everything they touch.

10 Sustainability Practices for Small Businesses

Many small businesses have much room to grow when it comes to sustainability practices. From their materials to their energy usage, they can be more green.

Bacteria that Clean Up Oil Spills by Eating Them

Scientists have recently discovered a bacteria that cleans up oil by eating it. It needs oil to survive, so they are working on using it for spills.

One Way To Help The Fight Against Global Warming ...Blockchain.

Blockchain technology may be exactly what we need to save the world.

Causes and Effects of Groundwater Pollution

Groundwater is the main source for millions of Americans across the country. We need to keep it safe, uncontaminated, and fresh for survival.

15 Key Facts & Statistics About Air Pollution

Air pollution is extremely detrimental to all living things on earth. Air quality is declining, and it is time to make a change.

15 Key Facts & Statistics About Light Pollution

Light pollution affects those who are not even causing the pollution itself. It is a quiet, but harmful habit we have all gotten into.

How to Clean Up Oil Spills

Oil spills occur on a regular basis. Containment, burning, dispersal, and bioremediation are all ways that oil spills are cleaned up.

A Startup Uses Heat from Computers to Heat Homes

A Dutch startup is rethinking the way we heat our homes by using the heat from computer servers########.

An Art Project that Became a Community Garden in NYC

A mobile, edible community garden is floating on a river in NYC.

Causes and Effects of Soil Pollution

Maintaining healthy soil is crucial to meeting the world’s demand for naturally grown food.

A New Study Shows How Batteries Can Hold 5 Times More Energy than Ever Before

Energy Tips
Expanding battery capacity, even on the smallest scale, is becoming a hot topic in the energy world.

15 Important Facts & Statistics About Wind Turbines

You may think that you know a good amount about wind turbines, but there is still much to learn.

Our Pick for the Best Eco-Friendly Paint

Eco-friendly paint is something that not many people think about when working on their home. However, it's extremely important for you and the environment.

Lyft Announces that its Cars will be 100% Autonomous and Renewable in Less than 5 Years.

Self-driving cars are no longer a thing of the future. Lyft is bringing autonomy and renewability into the world of cars.

The U.K. is Transitioning their Commercial Vehicles to Electric for the Benefits

Electric vehicles are becoming the norm and everyone sees the benefits. Because of fewer emissions and more money saved, countries are switching over

Tesla Will Revolutionize Energy Storage in Massachusetts

Energy storage is a new, but rapidly growing, topic of conversation. The power from renewable energy can now be stored, and Tesla is taking the first leap.

A Smog Tower in Beijing Turns Pollution into Jewelry

A Dutch designer just created a smog-filtering tower that clears the air of pollution and makes it into jewelry.

10 Sustainability Practices You Can Follow At Home

This post offers 10 sustainability tips that readers can follow at home to make their lifestyles more sustainable both ecologically and socially.

How to Build a Rain Garden

A rain garden can be an extremely beneficial and environmentally friendly addition to your home.

Causes and Effects of Thermal Pollution

Thermal pollution is extremely dangerous to our ecosystems.

Australia is Speeding Ahead with Electric Vehicle Technology

Energy Tips
This electric super highway is going to dominate the electric vehicle market, and hopefully inspire other countries to do the same.

15 Key Facts & Statistics About Power Plant Pollution

There is a good amount that society does not know about power plants. Here is how you can learn more.

How Solar Energy Benefits You and the Environment

Solar energy is extremely beneficial to you and the world around you. Here's why.

How Wind Energy Benefits You and the Environment

Wind energy is beneficial for both you and the world around you. Here's why.

  10 Benefits of Buying Organic Food

Purchasing organic food is a key part of a healthy, sustainable lifestyle.

The First Steps to Composting At Home

This is how you can successfully compost at home.

15 Facts About People & Business’s Carbon Footprint

You have a carbon footprint both in your social and business life. All of the choices come back to the resources that have gone into making it all happen.

One of the Most Harmful Atmospheric Gases Can Now be Converted into Energy

CO2 can now be converted into one of the less harmful atmospheric gasses, Methane...and scientists are thrilled about the feat.

India's Revolutionary Design: Solar-Powered Trains

India is revolutionizing transportation by putting solar panels on trains.

We Have a Backup Plan for Earth

Two recent studies have found possible ways to save Earth from its eventual demise. Whether or not they will work or are worth the risk is still a question.

Electric Vehicles are Dominating the Market Now More than Ever Before.

A new wave of sales has pushed electric cars into the fast lane of the market. Soon they will become the norm on the road.

The Effects of Climate Change on Plants

Climate change isn’t only about warming. There are aspects to consider with plants. Here are a few major factors that affect their life cycles.

How to read your home's electric meter

Energy Tips
Your electric meter is telling you much more than you think it is.

Heat Waves are Halting Takeoff All on Their Own

The rising temperatures and increasing amount of heat waves are starting to get your flights canceled.

Study Finds Coal is Dangerous Without Even Being Burned

Coal is dangerous to us and the environment, even while it sits.

A Billionaire Who Profited from Offshore Drilling is Funding Ocean Clean up

Now this man hopes to fund incredible ocean research to help rebuild what his profit may have destroyed through drilling.

Vertical Axis Wind Turbines Advantages & Disadvantages

Vertical axis wind turbines are not a new invention but are making their way into the mainstream renewable energy trends.

Primary Advantages & Disadvantages of Solar Water Heaters

Energy Tips
A lot of energy is used to heat water. It is possible to reduce energy use and the associated costs, by switching to a home solar water heating system.

How Renewable Energy Can Save Over 50,000 Lives, and Millions of Dollars a Year

How renewable energy can beat coal, save thousands of lives, and millions of dollars each year in the United States.

Best Sustainable Building Materials for Your Next Home

Which building materials are the best, most sustainable choices for your next home?

Consequences of Plastic Bags in the Ocean

Plastic bags are taking over our ocean and hurting our marine life.

15 Important Facts About Coal Mining and Burning

Coal is used in many industrial processes and supplies nearly 30 percent of energy use worldwide and accounts for 44 percent of CO2 emitted into the air.

Scotland Sets Record With 118% Wind Power

The country has built the largest wind energy farm in the U.K. and has been using all of its power to make renewable energy history.

How Often To Change Your Home's Air Filter

Your air filter is harboring some bad stuff. It is probably time to change it out.

The Cost of Residential & Commercial Wind Turbines

The cost of wind turbines may seem like a lot, but the environmental cost is extremely low.

Top 20 Ways We Can Reduce Our Reliance on Fossil Fuels

Energy Tips
There are hundreds upon thousands of products made of fossil fuels that we use every day. It is time to start reducing our use and replacing them.

25 Impactful Ways to Reduce Air Pollution

Air pollution is rapidly increasing. However, there are many ways you can reduce air pollution on your own.

The Causes & Effects of Deforestation

Deforestation is a horrible, destructive thing to do to nature. There are many problems that bud from removing trees from a forest.

How to Minimize Food Waste

People waste over 50% of the food that they purchase, and there are many ways to help reduce this percentage.

Preventing Sea Level Rise through Clean Energy Use

How can we better prevent sea level rise from getting worse?

Coasts Threatened by Climate Change and Sea Level Rise

Is a coast near you going to be effected by sea level rise?

The Monetary and Human Costs of Sea Level Rise

Sea level rise is an extremely large economic burden, let alone how many lives it puts at risk.

10 Eco-Friendly Clothing Companies

There are lots of good eco-friendly brands out there that pride themselves on environmental sustainability.

Average Monthly Electric Bill for a 3 or 4 Bedroom House

The average monthly electric bill for a home is not as much as you would think it should be. However, there is still much room to reduce it.

How Much Electricity Your Refrigerator Uses

Reducing the energy usage of your fridge is difficult. However, it is absolutely possible given how often it runs.

The Ultimate Guide To Lowering Your Electric Bill

You have the ability to lower your electric bill - really! To save money, read on.

How Much Electricity Your TV Uses

Your TV uses much more energy than you could imagine. There are many ways to reduce the electricity cost of this appliance.

15 Proven Ways We Can Reduce Water Pollution

There are many ways water pollution can be avoided. Here are just a few simple ways to do so on your own.

The Main Causes of Water Pollution in the U.S.

Water pollution can come from many sources. Some are worse than others, but the reality is that the pollution itself can be completely avoided.

The Main Causes of Land Pollution in the U.S.

There are many activities that cause land pollution. Whether the land is contaminated, drilled, or disrupted, it affects the entire ecosystem around it.

20 Effects of Fracking on the Environment

Fracking is causing horrendous environmental damage. From animals to plants to humans, it affects every part of our lives.

The Best Thermostat Settings for the Summer

Here is how to best set your thermostat in the summer heat to save money but stay cool.

Here’s Why Gas Prices Rise in the Summer

Gas prices rise in the summer for a number reasons. The more you travel, the more you use. Read on to see why else gas prices go up in the heat.

13 Best Eco-tourism Destinations in the U.S.

The best eco-tourism spots may be right in your back yard. It is time to go check them out!

How Much Electricity Your Air Conditioner Uses

Your air conditioner is taking up a much larger part of your electricity usage than you may think.

Average Monthly Electric Bill for a 1 or 2 Bedroom Apartment

The average electric bill of any apartment ends up being much more than first expected. There are dozens of ways to help reduce this cost.

Top Cities To View The Solar Eclipse in 2017

These are the best cities to watch the solar eclipse. Don't forget your glasses!

Reagan Took Solar Panels Off The White House

There used to be solar panels here, but no longer...

10 Celebrities Leading Hollywood's Fight Against Climate Change

Which celebrities are helping move sustainability into the public eye?

California Households Use 700 Bottles Of Water Per Day

The truth behind California's drought.

A List of the Most Efficient Cities

Energy Tips
Which cities has the EPA decided rank in the top 10 of most energy efficient?

Understanding California's Groundwater

California's water problem may be linked to their groundwater supply.

How Much Fossil Fuel is the World Burning Right Now

The fossil fuels that have already been burnt are just the beginning.

Why Cold Weather Does Not Disprove Global Warming

Looking at just weather patterns is no true way to find out what global warming really is.

5 Foods That Could Disappear Due To Climate Change

Why let climate change take our favorite foods away? Go green!

How Kentucky is Quietly Turning Coal Country Green

Historically coal Kentucky is turning green!

How the NFL is Making Big Moves into Renewable Energy

The NFL is stepping up and working on improving their emissions with renewable energy

10 States With the Largest Carbon Footprints

These states must start working towards lowering their carbon footprint for a cleaner future.

10 Powerful Climate Change Quotes From World Leaders

What inspiration do our world leaders have to give on climate change?

Can the U.S. Achieve 100% Renewable Energy by 2050?

What are the goals we need to reach to make a renewable energy future possible for the U.S.?

10 Easy Ways to Save Energy at Home

Energy Tips
These are ways you can easily save both energy and money in your own home.

A Guide to Zero Waste Spring Cleaning

How to make your spring cleaning more environmentally friendly.

A Timeline of Wind Power in the U.S.

A true timeline of how wind power has come to be what we know it as of today.

7 Ways Coal is Impacting Wildlife

How wildlife is horribly affected by coal every day.

How to Recycle...Properly

How to successfully recycle in your own home.

5 Ways To Retrofit Homes For Energy Efficiency

By focusing the design of your home on energy efficiency, you can save kWhs and money immediately after making the switch.

5 States Severely Under Threat by Climate Change

The effects of climate change are already affecting these communities.

What Really is the Difference Between Lightbulbs?

Energy Tips
The difference between lightbulbs is based on their energy efficiency.

5 Ways to Save Energy with Landscaping

Energy Tips
How to save energy by the way of landscaping.

Top 10 International Eco-tourism Destinations

A list of places to travel for the environmentally conscious who enjoy eco-tourism.

How Much Water is Used in Your Favorite Foods and Beverages

There are hidden resources behind all of our favorite everyday items, and water is one of the most largely used ones.

Green Living Guide: 39 Eco-friendly Products

A list of products that have been created to help you be more eco friendly.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Home's AC

Some of the best ways to save money, and the environment, can come from how you manage your AC system.

How Many Plastic Water Bottles Does One Reusable Bottle Save?

By buying one reusable water bottle, how many plastic ones are you actually saving?

Energy Efficiency Home Improvements to Make For Winter

How to make your home more energy efficient this winter.

Green For Halloween: Tips & Tricks To Be More Eco Friendly

How to be more environmentally friendly this Halloween.

What We Can Learn From U.S. Smart Cities

Making our cities into smart cities is a massive step into a clean energy future.

Hosting A Waste-Free Thanksgiving

How to make your Thanksgiving better for your family, and the environment.

11 Solar Panel Trends You Have to Check Out

Solar panel trends that are moving this renewable energy into the future.

50 Ways to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Here are a list of ways to live a greener lifestyle.

Electricity Costs for 10 Key Household Products

Learn how much energy your household products are using so you can reduce your impact, and save cash.

13 Places to Celebrate Great Outdoors Month

Our company is sharing the way we celebrate the Great Outdoors Month. How do you celebrate?

How To Avoid These Common Lighting Mistakes

How to light your home in a more efficient, and ambient way.

The Best Electric Bikes Of 2017

These are our picks for the best electric bikes for the price, ride-ability and quality in 2017.

The Main Types Of Wind Turbines Being Used Today

The most common types of wind turbines in use today are down-wind, up-wind, shrouded, savonious, flapping panel and darrieus turbines.

10 Great Eco-Friendly Gifts

Here are ten great gift ideas that are both eco-friendly and awesome. Perfect for birthdays, holidays, or just a random act of kindness.

16 Companies Fighting Climate Change

Here are 16 companies that are going out of their way to reduce their impact and fight climate change.

Easy Ways To Incorporate Green Living Into Your Daily Routines

These are several easy ways to be eco-friendly when you are doing your daily routine getting places, eating out and shopping.

6 Must See Climate Change Movies

Our picks for the best movies where the central theme is the effects of climate change and global warming.

Wind Power is Boosting the Economy of Low Income Communities

One of the fastest growing industries across the world is wind power. There are countless amounts of ways wind power benefits society at every levels.

Mundo Verde 4th Graders Spent A Day As Solar Developers

We had the students spend the day as solar developers, and set up a few activities to help them figure out if Mundo Verde could go solar.

Clean Energy Should Be As Easy As Buying Organic Food

We get it. Someone needed to flip the industry on its head and make clean energy just as easy as buying organic milk or fair-trade coffee.

Arcadia Power Is A Fast Company World Changing Ideas Awards Finalist

Fast Company launched its World Changing Ideas Awards this year, and we’re proud to announce that Arcadia Power has been selected as an Energy finalist.

What It's Like To Be Inside A Wind Turbine

Most of us have never been near a wind farm or seen a wind turbine, let alone climb one. One lucky Arcadia employee was able to go inside a turbine.

Types of Wind Turbines Used Today

Here are a few of the types wind turbines we are used to seeing today, and some we definitely are not.

50 Ways to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Going green in your everyday life is a great way to conserve energy and help stop global warming. Here's list of 50 ways to reduce your carbon footprint.

11 Solar Panel Trends You Have to Check Out

Solar panels have innovated and morphed into everyday technology over the years. Here’s a look at 11 solar panel trends that are a must see.

Get A Schneider Electric Smart Thermostat For $0 Upfront

Our partnership with Schneider Electric will enable Arcadia Power customers to install the Wiser Air WiFi Smart Thermostat at home for $0 upfront.

How to Understand the Charges on Your Utility Bill

Each utility bill has an incredibly detailed explanation of the bill charges and usage, but how many of us actually know what all of those details mean?

What We Can Learn From U.S. Smart Cities

Smart Cities combine information and technology to make a more efficient and sustainable city. Let's take a look at which U.S. cities are leading the way.

Introducing The First Nationwide Community Solar Program

Arcadia Power announces the launch of the first nationwide Community Solar program. Now, customers across all 50 states can choose solar and save.

Arcadia Power Honored as 'Best for the World' by B Lab

We’re happy to announce that Arcadia Power has been honored as Best for the World 2016 by nonprofit B Lab for the second year in a row.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Home's AC

When its hot outside, your AC works overtime to counter rising temperatures outside. Unfortunately, staying cool can also drain your wallet. Here are a few tips on how to save some cash and get the most out of your AC.

Do You Really Know How to Recycle?

Recycling has been around for decades, but the list of what we can recycle has grown over the last few years so less things need to be wasted. Because the rules change quickly, many people don't know what they can recycle. Learn the top recycling mistakes now.

How to Prepare For an Unexpected Power Outage

You never know when the power may go out, but you can be prepared for when it does. Here are a few simple preparations you can make in your home to mitigate the negative effects of an emergency power outage.

Introducing Our Free Clean Energy Plan

We started Arcadia Power with a clear mission - give everyone in the US an option to support cleaner, renewable energy.

Incandescent vs. CFL vs. LED Light Bulbs

Let’s explore the differences between CFLs and LEDs. Both CFLs and LEDs are considerably more efficient than incandescent light bulbs, but with some differences when it comes to long-term efficiency, upfront costs and more.

6 Wind Turbines of the Future

Standard three-blade wind turbines have been the dominate design for decades. Now, pioneering startups are rethinking the wind turbine with prototypes that are pushing the boundaries of efficiency, geography, and design. Learn about some of new designs.

What We Can Learn from Smart Cities Abroad

Smart Cities combine the use of information and technology to more easily respond to citizens needs in a smooth and sustainable manner. As the U.S. population is looking to drastically increase within the next 20 years, we should look at a few smart cities abroad to see what is working.

10 Easy Ways to Save Energy at Home

We are all looking to save money on our energy bill at home in easy ways. From keeping your oven door closed to cutting down on shower time, learn ten simple ways you can save energy without thinking twice about it.

How Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) Work

Arcadia Power enables homes to use clean energy by matching their electricity usage with Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs). RECs provide people with a way to legally own the social and environmental benefits of renewable energy, separate from the flow of electrons. Here's how RECs work.

The Power Grid: Electricity and How it Gets to Your Home

What is the power grid and how does it work? In simple terms, the power grid is just a transportation system for electrons. It is a huge centralized network of power plants, transformers, and power lines that are connected in order to move electricity from a power plant to your home. Learn more about how it works.

Arcadia Power Recognized as Best for the World 2015

Arcadia Power, the first nationwide renewable energy company, was recognized as "Best For The Environment" Certified B Corporation. This means we earned an environmental impact score in the top 10% of all Certified B Corporations on the B Impact Assessment. Learn more about this recognition now.

EPA's List of the Most Efficient Cities

The EPA announced their 7th annual efficient cities list with 480 super efficient, Energy Star certified buildings. DC has officially topped the list, leading the way for energy-efficient cities. Find out who else is on the list now.

Arcadia Power Welcomes 13 Bay Area Businesses

We’re proud to welcome 13 small Bay Area businesses to Arcadia Power. Each is now using clean energy and eligible for the EPA’s Green Power Partnership. These 13 small businesses are setting the example for the responsible practices we want and need to see in our communities.

Arcadia Power Businesses Include 63% of New EPA Green Power Partners

The EPA announced 63 new organizations have joined the Green Power Partnership since October. Of these 63 organizations, 40 are Arcadia Power businesses. Our businesses are leading the fight against climate change by choosing 100% renewable energy powered by wind farms.

15 Things Americans Spend More On Per Year Than The EPA Budget

The EPA budget for 2014 came out to $7.89 billion dollars. To gain some perspective on where our priorities are, here are a few shocking things on a consumer-level that Americans spend more on.
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