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Did you know that the Fortune 500, on average, pay almost 25 percent less for power than you do at your home, and are often the largest purchasers of renewable energy? If Amazon and Google were enjoying low, fixed-priced power from renewables, then why can’t we get the same in our homes?

Arcadia Power was built with the mission to make renewable energy universally accessible. For three years, we have been giving homeowners and renters across the country access to affordable wind power, community solar, and home efficiency products. But, we knew that this was only the beginning.

We had to find a way to help the everyone save money on cleaner energy options. After all, wind and solar power have zero-marginal costs, and are now cheaper than power from dirtier resources. Large commercial and industrial companies have been saving on energy for years by competitively bidding on the market. So why couldn’t that be reflected on everyone’s monthly bill?

The good news – homeowners and renters in 13 states across the country do have the ability to choose and buy energy on the market. The bad news – most people in competitive electric states have no idea they can “shop around” for an alternative energy supplier. And if they do, available contracts for a single residential customer typically are not in their favor.

Energy providers have purposefully made the market confusing in order to reap the benefits. Consumers have been left to fend for themselves – trying to decipher what a kWh is and where they can find another supplier. And, to make matters worse, our own internal audits show that some Arcadia Power members were tricked into paying 2 to 3 times the average price of power before joining.

So, it shouldn’t be surprising that we discovered people in all 13 states could be saving up to 30 percent on their monthly energy bills – while supporting clean, renewable energy - if they knew what to look for.

This is why we went to work building an automated energy advisor, to help our members in competitive states save money on their monthly power bills while supporting renewable energy. Using our technology and the aggregate buying power of our members, we are able to secure exclusively low rates from the market – savings our members up to hundreds of dollars per year. The more customers that sign up, the more savings we’ll be able to drive as a community.

We call it our Price Alerts program, and it is available through the Arcadia Power platform.  If you live in any of ****these states,** you can connect your utility account today and start saving with clean energy. **

The energy market should be clear and transparent. You should be able to know what you are paying for, what it costs, and what your options are. You deserve to have the same choices and pricing that big corporations enjoy. And you should be able to choose clean energy, without having to break the bank.

Connect your utility account, and we’ll be your energy advocate.

Kiran Bhatraju, CEO of Arcadia Power

Renters and homeowners can now sign up for clean energy for free

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