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Five cool clean energy gifts for the holidays

Still looking for a few cool gifts to give? We've got you covered with five sustainable gift ideas to delight, and make a more positive impact.

Four unexpected ways you can use solar power

Beyond lighting up our homes and cities, solar power can help us live more sustainably in many other ways. Learn more!

Five ways to save money and energy with hybrid cars

Hybrid cars save drivers money with their battery-powered electric motors, fewer repairs, high-resale value, and incentives and tax breaks after the initial purchase.

What is a smart home?

Smart homes can provide modern convenience, security, and savings through technology. Learn about how you can save now!

Making a smart home on a budget

Having trouble keeping up with all of the latest gadgets? Fortunately, there are low cost ways to make your home a smart home. And bonus, most practical smart home products are affordable and easy to configure, eliminating the cost of a pricey install. Learn how to make your home a smart home without breaking the bank!

A definitive guide to your Arcadia Power dashboard

Tech Tips
Want to get to know your clean energy dashboard better? We are here to help!

Understanding your Clean Energy Statement

Tech Tips
Like many other bills, power bills can be confusing, but we are here to help you understand what it all means. We help you break down the parts of your Clean Energy Statement from Arcadia Power.

How tech giants support clean energy, just like you

Energy Tech
Tech giants have been supporting renewable energy in significant ways over these last few decades. The good news is, you can support renewable energy just like the big guys. Learn more about the renewable energy targets large companies have been declaring over the past few years and how you can follow suit.

Community solar: How it works

Energy Tech Tips
Community solar is a way to tap into solar energy and savings without having anything on your roof. In some states, we are working with developers to build entirely new Community Solar projects for our members, at no cost to you. Learn more about those opportunities!

A day in the life of a modern, clean energy apartment

Energy Tech Tips
Chloe is a Clean-Energy queen who has an incredible clean energy apartment. Take a look into what life is like when you live 100% sustainably, green, and clean!

A Private Island, Just for Wind Energy

The North Sea may soon become a hub for offshore wind.