You Can Now Join A Community Solar Farm For Only $100

When we launched the Portable Panel, we wanted to make sure anyone across all 50 states could access solar savings – whether you lived in a house or apartment. We have a goal to make the clean energy revolution as accessible as possible to every household in the country, but we realized that even a $300 price tag was too high.

Today, we are excited to announce that we have lowered our community solar subscription pricing to only $100 for a single panel.

Now for $100, you can subscribe to a remote community solar project, receive bill savings for years, and help support new solar energy in our country. You can get started completely online, with no need to install anything on your property. And you can still purchase enough panels to zero-out your bill.

Our newest project is our largest yet. It is located in New Jersey on a local grocery store by the Passaic River. There are 3300 panel subscriptions in total, and people from all over the country have already subscribed through our early offering. Join the movement, watch your panel(s) produce energy in real-time, and get savings for the next 10 years.

Here’s how it works:

While your home pulls electricity out of the grid, our remote solar farms generate electricity into the grid. When you sign up for a subscription with Arcadia Power, we are able to precisely track how much solar electricity your panels are generating into the power grid, and apply a credit for that amount of electricity directly onto your utility bill. Payback savings are determined by a fixed PPA price you are guaranteed in bill credits when you purchase your panel subscription. Over time, you can expect savings well above what they paid for the initial subscription cost, just like rooftop solar.

We call it a “Portable Panel” because if you move, your savings can move with you to your next home or apartment. And if you just want to buy 1 panel instead of 20, you can do that too. You can bring your bill to $0 or just cut it by a few bucks. No matter what you choose, you’ll be supporting clean, reliable solar energy.

Here is a short video we created to announce our largest project yet:

Join the solar revolution today.