It only takes 3 minutes to sign up for Arcadia Power and start supporting clean energy right through your monthly energy bill at no extra cost (yep, for free). Here’s how to get started in 5 easy steps:

1. Check available plans in your area by entering your basic info and selecting your electric utility.


2. Choose your clean wind energy plan. You can choose the Free 50% Wind option at no extra cost or the Premium 100% Wind option for a few extra dollars a month if you’re feeling extra green.


3. Set up your clean energy account by entering your basic info, email address (this will be your username), and password. Agree to Arcadia’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy and continue.


4. Link your local utility account to Arcadia’s platform by entering your utility login credentials. Once you’re connected, Arcadia will monitor and match your monthly electricity usage with clean energy from wind farms across the country.


5. Lastly, choose your preferred payment method. Why? Arcadia will manage your utility bill going forward and guarantee it’s paid on time. You can choose between a credit/debit card or checking account, and never worry about it getting paid on time again.


Congratulations, you’re good to go! We know you’re excited, so share Arcadia with your friends and earn up to $25 off your next energy bill!


Now that you’re set up, you can access your Arcadia Dashboard on desktop or mobile. Get ready for a cleaner, more personalized energy experience.


Each month you can track your energy usage and impact.


View your consolidated energy bills, including your local utility charges and free clean energy service.


Learn about the wind farms you’re supporting across the country.


Take advantage of home efficiency tips to help you save energy (and money!)


Save up to $25 on your energy bill when you refer your friends to Arcadia. There’s no limit to what you can earn.


Claim exclusive rewards on products from Arcadia’s sustainable partner brands.


Signing up to support clean energy with Arcadia Power is quick, seamless, and easy on your wallet. Visit to get started today.