Keystone XL is America’s Ticket to More Expensive Oil

The fabulous Keystone XL pipeline would bring the US some of the world’s most expensive oil!

Not much of a selling point, is it? But with global oil prices where they are today, it’s the truth.

When oil prices were at record highs, there was at least an argument that the pipeline would be a good deal for Americans. But today, the expensive tar sands oil that would flow through the pipeline can’t even compete in the global marketplace. Building a maple syrup pipeline would be more fiscally responsible (and delicious!).

Now, we’re not saying that gas prices are going to stay this low forever (sorry, fella who just bought a 7 MPG SUV, you’ve made another poor life decision). But what we are saying is, since the future is far from certain, the Keystone XL pipeline would put the US in a situation of betting against our own interests.

Think about it. America’s investment in the Keystone XL only pays off if Americans are paying more at the pump, meaning America wins only if Americans lose — uncool.  But that’s just a start. What makes those gas prices jump? Poorly managed natural disasters, Middle-East unrest, collusion to gouge consumers amongst oil producing nations… Bad stuff.

We’re not suggesting a conspiracy. But we are suggesting that conflicts of interest are not good. Good is investment in clean, domestic, inexpensive energy sources. The pricey, Canadian tar sands oil that would flow through the Keystone XL pipeline is none of those things.

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