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These 6 Environmental Issues Will Infuriate You

coal ash pipe

Every state has their issues where the environment is getting taken advantage of for either a profit or just straight negligence. For those that are in North Carolina and want to keep their state a beautiful place, here are 6 issues that are going on that everyone should be aware of.

1. 8.8 Million Pounds of Toxic Chemicals Are Being Dumped Into NC Rivers Per Year

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From the latest data in 2012, everyone from coal plants to meat-processing manufacturers have dumped 8.8 million pounds of toxic waste into rivers all over NC. That’s top 10 in the nation. See the report “Wasting Our Waterways” for the details.
Via Environment North Carolina

2. NC Has 2 Of The Top 20 Dirtiest Coal Plants In The Country

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With the Roxboro Steam Plant at number 12 and the Belews Creek Plant at number 18, these are just two of several that are spewing excess carbon into the atmosphere and pollution into the local way of life. The two combined have the equivalent carbon emissions of 6 million cars. 6 million.
Via America’s Dirtiest Power Plants

3. This Year North Carolina Just Lifted The Fracking Ban

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2014 was not a great year for those opposed to fracking in North Carolina. This year the state ended the fracking moratorium in NC and is now open for business.
Via Washington Post

4. Major Budget Cuts To The Blue Ridge Parkway

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One of the most noteworthy and scenic parts of North Carolina got its preservation budget slashed this year. This not only means less money for upkeep, but educational programs on the campgrounds as well.
Via Environment North Carolina

5. There Are 14 Coal Ash Sites Sitting There, Only 4 Of Which Anything Is Happening

coal ash pipe

Related to the first issue, coal ash sites come straight from the power plants and spill toxic coal ash into the rivers of NC. It ain’t good. Only 4 of the 14 have been mandated to be cleaned up… the rest are just sitting there continuing to do harm.
Via AppVoices

6. The Offshore Drilling Meeting Excluded the Public

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Power not to the people of NC when it comes to offshore drilling. Even journalists aren’t allowed in the discussion of whether large oil and gas drilling operations will be put into place off the coast. Hard to imagine why.
Via NewsObserver

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