12 Small Businesses Fighting Climate Change

12 small businesses in Northern Virginia, 12 giant leaps for mankind!

They aren’t walking on the moon, but the first 12 Arcadia Power businesses are doing a whole lot to protect our future here on earth.

For years, large companies like Apple, Whole Foods, and Starbucks have run on clean energy purchased through Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs). But, just like with rooftop solar, RECs have not been readily available for the vast majority of Americans.

Now, Arcadia Power is making renewable power an easy and affordable option for any individual or business nationwide — just $8/month for the average home with no equipment or commitment.

Twelve diverse, locally owned, forward thinking businesses jumped at that chance.

Now all these business are taking responsibility for their energy use, running on 100% pollution-free energy through Arcadia Power, and we couldn’t be more excited to help them lead by example. In no particular order, we’re talking about (feel free to drumroll if you are not in an office or near a sleeping baby):

Pure Prana Yoga Studio
South Block Juice
Fibre Space
Herban Lifestyle
Bon Vivant Cafe & Farm Market
Olio Tasting
Little River Yoga
My Thrive Pilates
Gossip on 23rd
Wilson Florist of Rosslyn
Hybrid Pedals
The Worx by Maia

They all now meet the Environmental Protection Agency’s Green Power Partnership requirements, certifying that they get 100% of their energy from sustainable, renewable sources.  Pretty cool, right?

Wrong. Very cool.

Here’s a couple of quotes.

Amir Mostafavi, owner and founder of South Block Juice: “Our values at South Block include not only a healthy approach to food and drink, but also a healthy approach to battling climate change. From the compostable cups and utensils we use to now supporting clean wind power energy. We are proud to be doing our part to address climate change here at South Block through Arcadia Power. If each of us does our small part, together, we can have a big impact.”

Natasha Hennessy, owner of Pure Prana Yoga Studio: “This can be the start of a real clean energy movement. Arcadia Power has helped us take responsibility for our energy use, and as our friends and neighbors join us, Northern Virginia will become a model of how communities can collaborate to combat climate change and build a more sustainable future for us all.”

The clean energy revolution will happen in our communities. In Northern Virginia, thanks to these local business leaders, it’s happening already. Who’s next?